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Culled from the book:THE DWINDLING AWKA CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE LEGACY OF HER VOLATILE STATUTESWritten by Engr. Victor ChinwezePhone: +234 8033063948Email:
Whither the way forward
In my deliberate attempt towards understanding the immediate or remote problems facing Awka people, especially in our individual or collective choices whenever Awka is faced with selection/election process, it became obvious that, there is this nudge about, surely, it behoves on somebody to begin to ponder-on what would be done to let Awka off the hook. This was seriously highlighted in the numerous brainstorming sessions with some prominent and informed Awka people on the way forward.
It is therefore highly suggested and encouraged to propound a new way of doing things.
It is for this reason therefore, that this attempt is made at proffering a lasting solution to the nagging confusion and distrust generated by the use of the unpopular delegate system in Awka elections, especially …

Awka (Igbo: Ọka): A microscopic view!

Sent by Chidi CHINWEZE, Amikwo Awka.
25th March, 2017.

Awka (Igbo: Ọka) is the capital of Anambra State, Nigeria with an estimated population of 301,657 As of 2006 Nigerian census. The city is located about 400 miles east of Lagos in the centre of the densely populated Igbo heartland in southeastern Nigeria.

The West-East Federal highway links Lagos, Benin City, Asaba, Onitsha, and Enugu to Awka and several local roads link it to other important towns such as Ekwulobia, Agulu, Enugwu-Ukwu, Abagana and Nnewi.

Strategically, Awka is located midway between two major cities in Northern Igboland, Onitsha and Enugu which has informed its choice as an administrative center for the colonial authorities and today as a base for the Anambra State government.

Awka has a certain kind of aura about it, because it was the place of the blacksmiths that created implements which made agriculture possible. -- Chinua Achebe

Awka is one of the oldest settlements in Igboland established at the center of the Nri …


By Paddy EzegbudoMarch 22, 2017.THE NAMES OF ANIMALS IN IGBO LANGUAGE (NA ASỤSỤ IGBO)😃1) Goat = Ewu (Male = Mkpi, Female = Nne Ewu)
2) Fowl = Okuko (Male = Oke Ọkpa, Female =
3) Guinea Fowl = Ọgazị
4) Chicken = Nwa Ọkụkọ
5) Turkey = Tolotolo/Torotoro
6) Duck = Obogwuma/Obogwu
7) Pigeon = Nduru/Nduli
8.) Ostrich = Enyi Nnunu
9) Antelope = Mgbada
10) Deer = Ene
11) Cow = Efi
12) Horse = Ịnyịnya
13) Rat = Oke
14) Guinea Pig = Oke Bekee
15) Squirrel = Ọsa
16) Dog = Nkita
17) Hyena = Nkita Ọfia
18) Cat = Nwonogbo/Buusu/Nwamba
19) Sheep = Atulu
20) Ram = Ebune/Ebule
21) Pig = Ezi
22) Lion = Ọdụm
23) Leopard = Agụ/owuru

Awka ADUN: Transitional Matters Arising


RIPPLES FROM AWKA ADUN FACTIONSO burò onye kpòlu polishi n'ekpegbu! Awka n'akpòzili ibè fvè polishi maka òchichi èwegolu!PG ADUN speaks out!ADU Branches and the End of year events - reactionsTHE AWKA FRAUDULENT ADUN ELECTION!!!Tension in Awka as police stop town union election" Beware the Ides of October"ADUN: A NEW DAWN.ADUN: ATTENTION

Awka people are asking questions as the Awka ADUN crisis deepens!
Click the link below:

----------------------------------------------RIPPLES FROM AWKA ADUN FACTIONS


O burò onye kpòlu polishi n'ekpegbu! Awka n'akpòzili ibè fvè polishi maka òchichi èwegolu!
Written by Akuilili K. Akuilili on fb, 06 January, 2017.

ADUN Exco back from CID(Police: Criminal Investigation Department) Awka and paid a condolence visit to Ezenagu family. The hollow detractors petitioned the CP(commisioner of Police) against the …

Proud to come from Anambra State

The SUN Nigeria. Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

• Okechi was chairman of the Anambra State House of Assembly Committee on Public Petitions.

Hon. Humphrey C. Nsofor's treatise on Anambra State's resurgence (back page of The Sun, Tuesday, March 7, 2017) is an honest reflection of what has been going on in our dear state since the Chris Ngige years as governor. 
All facets of the state are looking up. Onitsha, which used to be synonymous with disorder and garbage heaps, has changed tremendously. Entering Onitsha from neighbouring Asaba in Delta State is almost like moving from Nyanya, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory known for shacks and poor infrastructure, to Maitama or Asokoro in Abuja famous for excellent facilities. It is a mystery why the Delta State government, from the time of James Ibori as governor, has not felt challenged by the new Onitsha look to make Asaba look like the capital of an oil-rich state.

Whereas Onitsha has well maintained eight lanes built by the state…


Sent by Chidi CHINWEZE - Amikwo Awka.
Anambra is the best, when it comes to individuals who can be described as landmark achievers, patriots, paragons of excellence, giants of professionalism and erudite personalities.Yes! Anambra- has them.
1. The very first black man that nearly became a pope - Cardinal Francis Arinze from Anambra State. 
2. The first Nigerian/African to recieve a (Phd) in Mathematics and solved Mathematical Equations without a calculator and has 13 Degrees from different
Universities around the world. - Prof. Chike Obi from Anambra State. 
3. The very first duely elected vice president in Nigeria - DR. Alex Ekwueme from Anambra State. 
4. The first gaduate to join the Nigerian army - Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu from Anambra State. 
5. The very first senate president that Nigeria had - Dr. Nwafor orizu from Anambra State.
6. The man that spearheaded and got our independence as a sovereign nation - Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwe from Anambra State. 
7. The first senate president that took…

Who are the Igbos? Igbo ancient village in America - video