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Sunday, August 27, 2017

How things work in Nigeria.
By Chukwuemekam E. Chukwuemeka

1. Buhari jets off for 2nd medical tour.
2. Arewa Youth issue quit notice to Igbo, demand arrest of Nnamdi Kanu.
3. Northern elders back Arewa Youth.
4. Hate song erupts calling for mass execution of Igbo and destruction of their property.
5. Buhari returns, threatens fire and brimstone.
6. FG orders Nnamdi Kanu's arrest.
7. Arewa Youth revoke quit notice.

This is the type of psychological torture my uncle talked to me about. After the Biafran war, injustice done with arrogance were shoved down their throat. Today, we are primed to live in the same purgatory.


Have you noticed nobody is facing prosecution for crimes done by Fulani Herdsmen. Neither is anybody in detention for all the killings, in the name of religion, up north. Again, have you noticed IPOB has never killed or even injured anybody.

Now, FG, despite blowing hot over treason and hate speech, has not approached any court to arrest Yerima Shettima and his band of Arewa Youth. Neither has he clamped down on creators of the hate song and their agents. But the same FG is in court to put back Nnadi Kanu behind bars.

This is a sheer intimidation. I would want to know how insensitivity of this type is going to promote national unity.

More than anything else, the attitude of the present government promotes the demand for self-determination. FG cannot treat a section of the country as a pariah and still want the integrity of the country intact. You have to make a choice. Be fair and just to every segment of the country or let those you don't like have their own country.

Imee onye ka imere ibe ya, iwe alaaa. Not too much to ask for!

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Written by Engr Victor CHINWEZE
7th April, 2017.

Engr. Victor CHINWEZE - Uba Chukwu Ka Mma
One thing that is synonymous with present-day Persons of Awka in power (that is to say, persons in Awka indigenous positions of importance or authority at any level), is this larger than life, ‘my-way’ and authoritarian (…and I ask: where-on-earth-did-that-come-from?) disposition!

This is unequivocal, because children of nowadays no matter how old are no longer schooled in the ways of the land.

These days of modern democracy, freedom of speech and human rights instead of adding values, actually are employed by our un-conscientious brothers (and sisters) to negate our gerontological and societal reality. Clearly, we are yet to discover that meeting point to herald the new Awka renaissance.

In today’s leadership scale? Fine! Absolute power corrupts absolutely - given the expose to the highest level of privilege, authority and power in the land, which allows the leaders/operators of power unfettered access to the making and/or unmaking of the rules of engagement - Constitutions and/or working documents or SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).

The elderly ones who saw it all or have snippets of the old order, may be right in pointing out that there used to be homegrown - traditional and biding standard, even unwritten control mechanisms that ensured proper checks and balances, but lo! Over-time and till-date, there is a seeming deliberate attempt to desecrate, adulterate and ‘liberalize’ all tenets that singled us out as Ndi-Awka.

So, what do we have?
Is it running in the gene?
Our progenitors were right in channeling their prowess, skills and energies towards forming the acclaimed stealth Awka society of old. They created these rules, forming the cultures, the traditional norms and value systems.  The gains are enormous – fame, feared, revered, expanse - even the so-called territories called Awka of today, they acquired with tears, blood and war. 

Yet, Awka sons/daughters today are fearlessly and carelessly sabotaging, abusing and desecrating those gains and land mass. Alu na emee!

This-day modern generation of Awka people found themselves in a different turf, they are feeling like having grasped what they taught may be the secret of the medieval societal engineering with a view to lampooning it. 

They no longer regard, see or fear any act as abominable, not to talk about the inherent but tortuous burden of absolution from such abominable acts (as was practiced in the era of the sacred Nrri Sanctum) – even to the level of ostracism!
Infact those absolutions were done in order to purge the society and oneself of physically, spiritually and psychologically damnation, going by the medieval standards.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Breakthrough: love unrequited!

Written by SolumtooChukwu - Awka.

I stopped calling you. I rarely sent texts either, the ones you read with a simper on your face. I know you must have exhausted your patience while waiting for me to call you.

With time, I learned to stop picking up your calls. I deleted unread messages from you, blocked you on all social media platforms but not before you saw my new profile picture. What a torture it must have been for you to see me in that white flay gown you said didn't suit my color or my Ghana weaving hairstyle, the one you said I looked childish on.
We knew it was all a lie. We knew, because you were quick to jump on any opportunity that made me smaller than you. I have set you free- wallow in your fear of greatness, but don't take it out on me! I blocked your negative ass and this time, I proved Thelma wrong and made no attempt to unblock you.
Thelma, my roommate, the one you liked because she was light skinned and haunted me for being dark like you are somehow smarter than God! How foolish are you?

You waited for me to come back to you with that sheepish smile on your face. You reassured yourself that I could never do without you.
"I am practically her life, her everything, she will come around after her bout of madness, begging me to take her sorry self back".
You would often say to Mitch, your friend.
That Mitch that saw the good in me. He tried many times to tell you how much of a rare gem I am. The same Mitch that advised you to appreciate me, a rose that grew from a crack in the concrete.
You couldn't see what he saw in me, so with slaps and kicks, you accused me of sleeping with him. How can anyone hold me in such high esteem right?

 "Was he better than me? Should I fuck your brains out so you lock your dam pussycat from other guys, especially my best friend?". Your harsh, sonorous voice exclaimed. Your voice, noisy like a new Terry G song, it was only melodic when you talked to Thelma because that was the only time you were a gentleman. I wasn't bothered, I had become used to the beasty version of you. I didn't know I deserved better. Well, now I do.

I wanted to tell you that for your unrequited love, he gave me a shoulder to cry on. I wanted to tell you that my poor, lonely cotton-candy heart had fallen for Mitch. Who wouldn't? Even as my mouth apologized to you, my heart asked questions...questions with answers I didn't have and unsure if I needed. I taped my mouth and hated you in the silence of my heart but somehow, I blamed myself for everything.

Today, I have realized that my only crime was falling in love with you. Should I really blame myself? Most time, you don't get to choose who you fall in love with.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Culled from the book:
Written by Engr. Victor Chinweze
Phone: +234 8033063948


Whither the way forward

In my deliberate attempt towards understanding the immediate or remote problems facing Awka people, especially in our individual or collective choices whenever Awka is faced with selection/election process, it became obvious that, there is this nudge about, surely, it behoves on somebody to begin to ponder-on what would be done to let Awka off the hook.
This was seriously highlighted in the numerous brainstorming sessions with some prominent and informed Awka people on the way forward.
It is therefore highly suggested and encouraged to propound a new way of doing things.

It is for this reason therefore, that this attempt is made at proffering a lasting solution to the nagging confusion and distrust generated by the use of the unpopular delegate system in Awka elections, especially that of the ADUN.

I hereby present the following discussions, insight and ultimately the Proposal for the use of the HEAD-COUNT SYSTEM to organize Awka people and Awka elections in a much more reliable, responsible and transparent manner.

This is an outcome of a careful and meticulous analysis of the circumstances as so far discussed or even more, which points to the fact that Awka is long overdue for a genuine renaissance.

This proposal is open to all to work-through, with a view to having an informed in-route for a constructive criticism.
However, being able to put a leg forward requires superior arguments or alternate solution, all aimed at moving Awka and her people in the right path.

The Proposal for the HEAD-COUNT SYSTEM I believe will surely bring an all inclusive, modern and democratic principles into play.

Provided that, the generality of Awka people are carried along – believing that, the proposed HEAD-COUNT SYSTEM when put into practice will move Awka forward!

To prepare our mind, let us look at what remains of the family obu and/or umunna meetings that held sway in the time past.

The way things are evolving in these modern days, it is obvious that the olden day’s obu system has lost steam and may not be functioning, after-all. This is because the families are becoming less and less polygamous as they were in the time past.
The nucleic nature of today’s families accords unwavering freedom to every Awka man to face the well-being of his wife and children, thus weakening the power of the bond that knotted the extended family as the obu system would have taken care-of.

Again, by nature of individual differences, opportunities and affluence, Awka people are no longer waiting on the family gains, connections or inheritances to be able to actualize their family wellbeing and domicile intentions.
Everyone is also on the rat-race to acquire choice properties irrespective of locations, therefore an Nkwelle man, for example, who purchases a land at Umudioka will erect his building there, even when he is part of everything Nkwelle etc…

To this end, a closer look at the scenario exposes that; on-a-good-day, it should have been the Umunna-meetings that should Knot every family unit in Awka together.
Imagine that it is active and effective in every family where it should actually be functioning, the frequency and strength of such Umunna-meetings cannot be enough to formulate a work plan that can even solve problems within every umunna, not to talk of having a meaningful impact on the larger Awka sphere.

Village Meetings/Union
In the absence of a veritable obu and/or Umunna meeting system, the most pronounced forum for organizing Awka people in clusters and in a meaningful democratic pattern is through the Village Meetings. It has the potential for proper management, provided that a unified framework is applied throughout Awka.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why you Should Tell your Story.

Written by Solumtochukwu Ella Okonkwo - Awka.
Solumtochukwu Ella Okonkwo - Awka.

Everyone has a story to tell no matter  how little of lessons therein. We, at some points in our lives seem to live with some kind of weights pulling us back and away from the people we love, the people that loves us and the World at large. It could be the weight of a rape experience, domestic violence, Insecurities, Broken relationships and Marriages.

At this point, we tend to break down, from reality and like the tortoise, crawl back and farther into our shells.
At this point, depression sets in, regrets of what could have beens and couldn't have beens, gradually, suicide, like a thief creeps into our mind. Most of the times, we given. Fortunately, there is still a part of us that wants to break free.
Talking about it(your story) is the first step  to healing. When you tell your Story, you make yourself vulnerable, allowing people to see the tears, pains and humility behind your strong face and steady similes.

Speaking out is one of our greatest fears. The fear of judgements and criticisms. The fear of exposing our inner selves.
On the other side of the coin, speaking out is a great weapon of surviving the tantrums life throw at us. It helps us to unleash our inner feelings, connect to people  and equally allow people connect to us.I trust you to make a good choice.

You need a Breakthrough? Speak out now, gain your lost self-confidence back. Make yourself vulnerable in front of many. One out of that many might have been waiting for an inspiration like you. Express yourself and limit your worries.
Your Life, Your experience, Your story is your greatest asset.I bet you did not know.

THE AWKA PEOPLE, a book by Amanke Okafor

Oyibo ka mmadi, Ma na Oka kacha mba! (The Whitemen is creative above all men, But the Oka man comes next to him!) --from an Oka war chant (okili) This is the story of the Oka people, the fathers that begat us. It is the story of the Oka people as they were before the British came into their lives and seized control of their country and their destiny, and later merged their city – state with the great body polity known as Nigeria.
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